04 yz450 how far on a tank of gas?

anybody have a good idea how many miles per tank o gas??

thanks :)

If it helps, I can get about 100km of varied trail riding on my 426.

Trail riding I've gotten 45 miles..race pace about 35.

I had .45 gallons remaining after 3 20" motos of MX riding if that helps.

I went about 50 mi on my 426 in very hilly terrain..I came in on fumes.

If you got a 450, you're dealing w/ 25 cc's more of barrel and one less gear. Winding out that 4th gear vs. coasting a 5th im sure eats up a little more gas than mine.

My buddy ran out of gas at exactly 6 laps on a 10 mile grand prix course on an 05 yz450.

I have a 04 450 and I get about 18 miles per gallon. So with a stock tank you should get about 32 miles.

Keep in mind that the 426 has a larger tank than a 04 450.

I just bought a Clarke 2.8 gallon. Has all the nuts embedded in the tank and a new gasket for the petcock. You DO have to wash the puppy out thoroughly as there were a lot of plastic shavings inside it. I got the natural color so you can see your fuel level easily.

Pretty cool tank. No more worries about running out now.

I've gone 35-40 miles on the stock tank a couple of times. Not much left though.

On the four speed, if you gear the bike a tooth of two higher so that the 450 low gear is the same as the 426 (it starts out lower), the 450 fourth falls 65% of the way up between the 426's 4th and 5th, and there is only a 3-4 mph difference in calculated top speed between the two bikes.

i have an 05 wr450 and i can do about 140 km on a tank. but thats on logging roads.

A stock tank will just last a 25 lap Main at the Sacramento Mile. But that is wide open throttle for 25 miles! Tdub

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