Torsion Spring for Kickstarter QUestion

I have a 98 YZ400F.

I removed the right crankcase cover to replace the seals in the water pump. Popped the kickstart off the kick axle (spline), removed the crankcase cover. Question is about the torsion spring behind the kickstarter. The torsion spring end popped out of the hole that the end of the spring goes in. It's easy enough to push it back in, but you have to hold it there. How do I keep the end of the spring in the hole so I can get the crankcase cover back on? Any tricks? The bearings are in good shape. If I replace the impeller shaft, should I replace the bearing? Also, is there any Yamaha websites to order parts from? The impeller shaft I broke costs $27.00, bearing $15.00, seals, $12.00. I know this stuff ain't cheap.



If the kick start shaft is assembled into place properly, it will sit there by itself while you slide the case cover over it. Be sure you line up the water pump shaft as yoo go together by rotating the impeller.

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