Water wetter to coolant ratio ?

I believe I have put way too much water wetter in my radiator. I wasnt sure how many quarts the bike held so I just tipped the thing over with the cap off and let some spill out to make room for the water wetter. I tilted a bit too long and could easy fit half the bottle so I did. :)

What if any problems could occur from this massive over load of water wetter? :)

I dont know what it could hurt but if there is something I want to fix it prior to riding the 426 again.

What are your thoughts?

Go Ahead and blast me if I am stupid, I will learn faster that way.

Thanks, Eric

i was told by a pro to run 50/50 with 25% water wetter. i used the whole bottle,it was the only thing that kept the engine ice in the bike,worked well. the only thing is it might not have the freeze protection as well as the straight 50/50. i really don't think it will harm anything,its just a surfactant. i don't use this combo any longer as i'm on to evans npg-r. good stuff :)

do a search on your regular search engine to find some test info on water wetter. not just redline's info. from the data i have found, it's important to follow the insructions. one ounce (3-4 capsful) per quart of coolant. my '03 manual shows 1.69 qt. capacity. that's less than two ounces of water wetter. from what i could find in the test stuff, much more than recommended actually decreased it's effectiveness.

My concern would be the stuff etching the cooling system. I followed the instructions on my bottle. Like a lot of things, don't know if it works 'cause I don't know what would have happened without it.

I've only got my system boiling twice. Once was while pulling race ribbon in the dez at almost 100 degrees F with no wind whatsoever. I was riding a slight uphill in sand for about 3 miles going 50-100 ft at a time, then stop and idle. Over and over again. The other time was while hillclimbing for 1/2 hour or so on some REALLY steep hills. Normal hard riding doesn't seem to boil 'er over at all.

Follow the directions on the bottle. So... you used more than will probably do you any good.

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