'99 YZ400 Frame work on a '01 YZ426?


I purchased a damaged 2001 YZ426 and need to get a new frame for it. I found a 1999 YZ400 frame that the seller says will work perfect for my 426. Just by looking at pictures they look like an exact match. Does anyone know if they are the same or not?

Thanks alot!


The 2 frames have different part numbers according to yamaha. I doubt it would work, but its possible. If I were you, I would wait and get the proper frame and save the hassel. What happend to your frame anyway? If its cracked or bent a little, it can be repaired.

The frame is crunched pretty well.

Anyone else have anything?

It fits right in

I have a wr400 and dropped in a yz426 motor - it was a straight swop - no mods.

Then I fitted some 17" wheels and went super motard racing. :)



Are you getting the swingarm in the deal? Yes the motor will swap as stated above, however swingarm pivot size might be different and the linkage for the shock will probably have been revised. Just check part#'s on the swingarm pivot and linkages.

I didn't have to modify anything - went straight in.

Frame 1998 - motor 2001


Thanks alot for the help guys, I'll call him today and have him measure the swingarm and shock mounts/pivots.

Thanks again!

The motors are the same castings throughout the years of the 400/426, but there were changes in swingarm pivot diameters, airbox mounting, linkages and a few other things. So if it is just the frame you are getting (not the subframe, swingarm, airbox, etc.) it might end up in a parts hunt but they should be readily available here in the classifieds or on Ebay.

swingarm did not change until 2002.

The frame geometry for the steering and suspension is better on the 426 than the 400. you will be taking a step backwards.

Frame gets here on thursday and i plan on swapping everything over on friday. I'll let you guys know how it goes and whatnot. As far as geometry, i'll take the step backwards to be able to ride for a week over spring break. I'll be looking for the right frame over summer, but i didn't have enough time now to find a good one, but i had the money available to purchase the 400 frame now and find a 426 one later.

Thanks again for all the info!


Everything switches fine between frames. The ONLY difference is that the frames have different cable guides up in front. :)

FYi, the 2002 426 casing are different from the 98-01. Reason, larger swing arm bolt.

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