Edlebrock Install Question

I'm installing the carb and the intake boot is too large for the carb and it does not seem to want to fit over the larger part of the carb. If you've installed an Edlebrock, this may make sense. Any suggestions?

The intake boot should have a nice snug fit over the carb and if it doesn't, then something isn't right. The stock carb has an alignment key cast into it which slides into a rubber slotted tab on the intake boot. You will have to trim that tab off the intake boot so the Edelbrock can fit flush into the boot, but that's easily done with a razor balde. Perhaps this is what's preventing you from inserting the carb all the way into the boot for a snug fit?

Sorry for the confusion; I'm talking about the airbox boot and it fit to the backside of the carb. I'm not having any luck getting the carb completely insterted to the boot.

Sometimes when it's cold those insulators/boots are a b!tch to work with. Judging from your location that might not be the issue. However, make sure the clamp is totall loose and use a small flathead screwdriver to work her on there. Just for safe measure check your part# on the carb with the website to make sure you got a 650r one and not a 650l.

...Just for safe measure check your part# on the carb with the website to make sure you got a 650r one and not a 650l.

Good point.

It should be a good fit into the airbox side without any slop. The outside diameter of the end bell should be the same as the stock carb. If it's significantly smaller, then something's not right. Hopefully you didn't get the wrong carb, but...

Yeah I just thought I'd throw that in there Qadsan as I knew Edelbrock just came out with the 650l carb. Someone might get confused on their end in shipping. Happend to me a few times with plastics and what not. People think xr650, okay I'll get it. I always specify "R" when I order at least twice.

Timbrp, you are the stud of the week. I looked at the box and it's for a 600R not a 650R and they are different carbs. That was a good suggestion to check the part numbers on Edelbrock's website... I left a message for Barnum Pro and hopefully I'll get this straightened out with them.


I get that from the ladies all the time. :) Glad I could help. Now get on the horn and tell them you want spare cables for your troubles!

A 600 carb...oops :)

I'm sure Barnums will straighten it out as soon as possible :)

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