Right side radiator

Hey, After reading all the posts bout leaking I found the leak in mine. It appears to me to be leaking from the radiator itself. Does anyone fix these things or should I start looking for a new one? Besides ebay where should I look. Rode the dunes in Bowie AZ this weekend, boy is it nice to win some races. Love the bike but need to get this leaking taken care of. Any ideas? :)

I found a leak on my wifes hair scramble bike the day before the race and I took it to a radiator shop (for semi-trucks) and he fixed it and it still is holding fine. I would probably replace it on my bike seeing how much it would cost to rebuild a four stroke motor. Her bike is a 2smoke and I have an extra cylinder and piston for it.

Thanks for the quick reply. Anyone have one for sale? PS what did they charge you at that shop?

A friend of mine had his fixed on his YZ426 and has not had a bit of trouble.

He went to the local radiator repair(auto) and they charged him $35.

A lot cheaper than a used one....

Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to have mine fixed tomorrow but am still looking to replace it as well.

Just short him an email thanks for the imput. You guys all rock!

Dont forget to get some unabiker guards to protect the radiators! :)

Thanks looked those right after i figured out this one had a hole in it. Do you have them how do they bolt up? Lots of colors to choose from to huh? Thanks again.

Hey guy in my home town did a great jb on my radiator fixed it 1/2 hour

Installed it along with my new brake light switch and mirror and I'm onthe road. Thanks for all the help.

If you're in Tucson, Harold's Welding will fix it. They're on Hughes Access Rd., East of Noggie Hwy. Harold's prob'ly the best welder in town...and he fixed what Mylers couldn't! It's still good, 5 years later...

Mylers in Utah.

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