YZ450F Big Gun Exhaust Sealant

I have a small problem. When I originally purchased my Big Gun Exhaust Systems, they sent me a tube of 3M Firebarrier 2000. Well now I am out of sealant and looking for a suggestion on how to reseal the exhaust systems. I have looked at the local hardware stores to try to find more of this sealant, but have been unsucessfull.

I need to try to find a solution to this problem soon. I have to do some services to the bikes that have the exhausts on them. Not to mention that riding season is now on us here in Wisconsin, so I want to be out riding now instead of working on my bikes.

Big Gun doesn't use a gasket like the stock system. The system relies on a good fit and a little bit of sealant.

Please help!!


I forgot to mention that I have used some different types of silicon, and was not impressed. I am trying to find something that might work better. I take the sub-frame off a lot and it is a bother to continue to use silicon, becasue it just burns up to quickly and is rather messy.

Again, thanks.

Try chamber seal , it works great . Just do a search for chamber seal.

I have thought about trying Chamber Seal. I see that it is available from Parts Unlimited. Can anyone second this?

I used it on my 2smoke and it worked very well. Im sure it will work for you. It seems like it swells with heat so dont worry if you dont get the exact amount on there. :)

Sounds good. I think that I will order some tonight. I figure that $6.95 retail pricing can't hurt.

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