motoman393's pipe fix

I'm looking for some good input on motoman393's technique for fixing dented head pipes. His idea and procedure sounds like it would work but I'm a little skeptical about it being safe. I've read some of the related threads and wanted some more feedback especially from those who have tried it with a titanium pipe. Here's the link to this subject:


I havent done it to a Ti pipe but have done 100s of 2 stroke pipe repairs this methode and it works flawlessly BUT you have to keep an eye on the pressure and clamping methode and the biggest thing to keep an eye on heating the dented area, dont heat the area in one spot for more than 5 seconds at a time or youll blow a hole in it, heat the outter part of the dent in a circular fashion so in otherwodrs follow the cirumfrence of the dent, if you have a small ounce hammer tap very lightly on the dent as it blows out,if not the dent will over compensate its coming out so you are basicly forcing the dent to stay flush with the rest of the pipe. Just go at it all very slowly, you wont need anymore than around 40-50psi of pressure and use a soft blue flame from an oxy/cetaline torche and youll be just fine....Just take it easy and learn


I did it to my ti pipe exactly how adrian described and it worked great :) . Just take time, and if it starts to expand too far have someone else there to watch, and unplug the air quickly.

I used the exact procedure on my ti 450F headpipe as well. It worked awesome. The only difference is that I found that a propane torch produces enough heat for the ti. You don't need ox/acet.

Some have said that the 80psi he recommends is too high and that it is dangerous. I did it with 80 and it was fine but try it at your own risk.

Others have said 30psi is enough.

Good luck, be safe and admire your handywork!

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