Grip Install

I know this is gonna sound pretty basic and probably is but I'm looking for some insight on replacing my stock bars that I will be replacing this Friday with some ProTapers. Other than removing all the existing componets on the stock bars including the grips, and re-installing them are there any other parts that I might need to buy before the local shop closes Friday before the weekend? Maybe some grip glue/stick?


nope, just some grease if you dont have any for the throttle tube. Also, dont waste you money on that grip glue, its a joke, get some Shoe Goo, it works much better!!

I use o work in a bike shop and all we used without fail is hair spray. Lightly spray the bars, then spray a light spray up the guts of the grip. Blow dry almost toally but not toatlly. Then use your compressor air gun to put the grip on. A small nail hole in the end makes this job so mch easier.


use windex, slips on and drys out quickly

use tie wire also when dried

I use Grip Glue and it works great! One tube works for almost four grips. I tried hairspray, but found the grip glue easier to work with....just my opinion.

I tried the hair spray thing, didnt work, dont know if I didnt do it right, but It didnt work. I tried the grip glue also, but it didnt seem to hold for crap after a ride. I finally went to the .99 cent Shoe Goo, and it works like a charm....Dont even need to safety wire them with the shoe goo...

Try a couple of different things and find out what works best for the grips you get. Everyone find different ways to accomplish the same thing. Unfortunately, different things work better for different people, find out what works best for you...

Never tried the Shoe Goo, however I usually end up using WD-40. Spray a bit on the bars, some in the grips and position the grips how you want them. You will have to wait a while for it to dry. Finally I safety wire them just to be sure. Usually I apply the grips at night and ride the next day.

i use glass cleaner to install the grips. spray a little in each grip, smear it around with your finger, and slip the grips on. drink a beer or two, and safety wire them, 3 wires per grip. i don't know what substances can break down different adhesives, but i would hate to be an hour through a harescramble, and find out that indiana creek water can break them down. i have never rode without grips, but i bet it sucks. you can't go wrong with safety wire. wrap it around, twist it tight, cut the excess of and beat the stub in with a hammer. LOL

You can wrap the bars with black electrical tape (1 layer) the length of the grip, put a little gasoline in the grip and on the tape (no smoking LOL) slide grip on and let dry overnight. It wont slip and you dont need safety wire either. Work quickly as gas evaporates very quick.

I use spray paint and safety wire. No hair spray here and who doesn't have an old can of spray paint on a garage shelf?

I've heard of the gasoline trick but never tried it. Whatever you use, just make sure the grips are tight so they don't slip at all. Safety wire works well...I don't even need anything else.

i've used the hair spray trick and it works well for me.

is it true you can put pro taper bars in the freezer if you bend them and they will go back to origonal shape?

i use contact cleaner for electrical connections at my shop. it has worked great every time.

when putting a new throttle tube on should you puta nything between the bar and throttle tube?? grease? what kind, doesn't it just collect dirt over time??

is it true you can put pro taper bars in the freezer if you bend them and they will go back to origonal shape?

No, but that was funny!

I put a little bit of motor oil on the throttle pipe.

It makes for a sweet throttle.

Lubing the cables is a good idea too.

ok so not grease?? i would think grease would just collect sand and dirt and eventually hinder throttle movement no??

wouldn't it be better just to put nothing in there?

I have used gas for the past 35 years, it works great. Just put a little on the handle bars and slide the grips on, the gas will evaporate and the grips will stick like glue.

I tried contact cleaner once and when I slid the grip on it blew out the end of the grip. I didn't learn because it happened on my next set of grips also.

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