XR650R clutch

Has anyone added the extra steel plate recommended by SRC.Does that make an 8 and 6 count in the stack?

Not sure on the count but you remove your judder spring and seat add two steel plates and then a fiber. Then you repeat normal pattern following this. I'm gonna stick with the stock setup on mine. I just bought a hinson basket, new pressure plate, springs and Barnett clutch kit. I will admit the Barnett is grabby on the street however. Although, I think it would be worse with an extra metal.

I've added the xtra plate, But don't remember the count, Still have the judder spring....

Clutch work's much better IMo :)

Really Frank? Now I thought you were supposed to leave out the judder seat and spring in order to accomodate the new metal plate? How do you think it's working better for you? Better pull, grab..etc?

I know you don't have to remove the judder, I'll give it a look on Friday,any advice is appreciated.

Ok, my mistake. I thought you would run out of room in the clutch pack with an extra plate while retaining the judder spring and seat. Check here, Pig Pen Eric says to remove it I believe..

Still have the judder spring, A little stronger pull, better grab, But not grabby :D

It add's a little spring pressure, All in all it work's great :)

It talks' about it at the SRC site :p

Tim, that pig pen site say's to leave the judder spring :)

Damn shame I just bought another barnett set then huh? I got a new basket, pressure plate and hd springs to boot.

Tim, how long you had that thing? Only a year, isn't it? Seems like you are investing a lot in your clutch after only a year. Maybe you should stop riding like a sissy and get on the gas!

Just kidding.

I can't wait till this snow goes away. We gotta hook up this year.

Definitely Salty. Reason my old clutch went was a factory defect. One of my fibers was cracked and burnt(literally) the OEM clutch, basket and pressure plate. So bad that the metals were stained brown. My basket fingers were grooved to hell to, my fault on that. So I just dug deep and replaced the whole thing.

All you have to do is pull the pressure plate and clutch pack. Add one steel plate into the basket then put clutch pack and pressure plate back in. If oyu remove the judder, that it what makes it feel grabby. Better off to just add the one steel plate and leave the judder alone. :)

Thanx, guys.

Well my barnett clutch that is in the bike only has 1 season on it. Think I could take the new kit and use a steel from the existing one? Or does this only apply to OEM plates? Furthermore if you do it do you use the small "A" plate of the normal ones?

I pulled the clutch today and took out everythig to the basket. I replaced it with what PC calls a race clutch,7 fiber and 6 steel.I would have never guessed it was that easy.I rode the bike around the parking lot a bit and the clutch is a lot better. It doesn't have to be pulled in much to work and isn't grabby at all.I'll go for a good ride tomorrow and really check it out.

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