How fast is your bike?

How fast have you gotten your bike up to? Name the speed, and the make and model of your bike. Like XR650L 85mph (so far) :)

85 mph at present gearing with dirt wheels (15/48 gearing)

95 mph (15/45 gearing on 17" wheels)

It would go a bit faster but it doesn't like it

Speed noted using a "calibrated" Trailtech endurance computer, standard speedos are way off, they can read 10 mph over.

All done on a private road of course.

This isn't scientific as I did not set out to do top speed runs, these are merely the top speeds I have seen.

Stock '95 XR600 14-45 gearing- 145 km/h or 90 mph apsolutely tapped out flat road

My stock XR650R 2001 14/41 gearing used to regularly pull 170 km/h or about 107-108 mph (thats silly speeds for a dirt bike!) tapped out on the same road!

Stock '2000 model XR400 that I had pulled 145 km/h or 90 mph flat out with 15/40 gearing and staintune aftermarket muffler.

Sorry my XR650R had a HRC piston but was otherwise stock!

2002 Xr650R-fully uncorked stock gearing. I got 103mph out of her. That was on an analog speedo, dirt road. It was nuts, haven't even touched 85 since. She stayed smooth though, thank god I didn't tap a rock.

Xr 650 L

15 T-45 T it would go 95-100 mph depending on the air.

14 T-48 T it will go 80-83 mph depending on air.

15 T-48 T it will go 87-90 mph

04 Xr650R 87 mph, With a gps, Fast enough for me :)

According to my GPS, I've had my bike up to 179 MPH. Do you suppose this was a multipath error :)

2002 XR650R uncorked with pwr bomb and WB exh 1 tooth up on the countershaft 120 rear tire 106 mph on Trailtech computer, on the freeway, 103 mph on hard dirt road with large dust cloud.

captb-dayum straight it's a large dust cloud. My buddies watched me fly by. They said it was LOUD. I love it. Makes the hair stand up on your ....well you know.

Let's see... 116 MPH last Saturday (on asphalt) according to my super-accurate GPS...

... that was the '04 'berg of course.

2003 XR650R

Uncorked, Full Pro-Circuit T-4 setup, Uni Filter with notched side panel/filter cover, 15/47 gearing:

With full tank (3.2 gal) against mild wind: 96mph

With full tank (3.2 gal) with wind: 105mph

Both speeds from bar mounted GPS

You guys are recording some high top speeds. You must be having the valves bouncing and caning the nuts off the bike surely. If I rev it hard (with the valves bouncing) with 18" dirt wheels and 15/48 gearing I would be lucky to see 90mph. I could get 100mph on road wheels with 15/45 gearing but would be absolutely flat out.

Are you sure your speedo's are accurate? or maybe it's mine that is under reading!

i've hit 99 about 10 times. stock drz-s. and also with my jetted/ piped/3x3 mod drz-s.

look at sig. Ussually Faster than Iw ant to go, unless I'm racing then all these new 450's seem to beat me and my beat arse 600,, still love it though its for sale boo hoo...

05 650L. Stock gearing, 97mph with a tail wind, head laying on the tank. Speedometer reading not gps. I love this bike!

I just did 181 km/h on the highway(flat on the tank) with the Monnier/EVO exhaust,170-175 km/h with the CRD/Leo Vince system. Calibrated BC800 Sigma bike computer.

XR650R 2000,Mikuni TM 40,open airbox,No Toil Filter,no backfirescreen,(still) stock motor,15x42 ,SM wheels.

02 XR650L

Best I could hit was an indicated 97 mph, tucked in like a flat-tracker.

Mikuni carb, XR's only exhuast,no smog stuff, stock gearing.

242 Km/h on a VFR750. Man I miss that bike.

94' XR650L FMF Q jetted, drilled slide, K&N, desnorkeled, bored .050, desmogged, jagg oil cooler. 15/45 105mph could have gone faster but developed a tire shake.

14/45 95mph but man did it get there fast


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