XR650R Yes/No on B53E Needle?

I just put in new HRC exhaust tip/ and did some air box mods. Starts better, runs better. I have all the carb stuff Jets #68 / #175/ #B53E & Insl. boot thing. I just here so many "not running right" stories. Now I read on Dirtrodders.com on F.A.Q. for XR650R #14 "Some people have had bad luck with B53E needle, getting funky throttle results." I ride only in Michigan and just do not what to mess with the carb more than once. I guess my question is yes or no on B53E needle? Thanks so much for the imput!!

I believe you'll find more people who've had success with the B53 than a negative outcome. I used it (in the 3rd clip) and it works mint. I had finicky results with the stock needle in the 4th clip. It was like nothing came together. The needle makes a big difference. Use it, if you don't like it, it's a fairly easy swap. Just loosen the insulator clamps and turn the carb, pop the top and your good to go.

I'm using the B53E needle, On 3rd notch, No problem with it at all :)

Thanks for for feedback guys! Makes me feel much more confident!!!

Coulier typically when you have negative responses from people with the B53 you've got someone at a high altitude using a richer tapered needle(B53) where it's not needed. The stock needle, in 4th clip, I think would be fine for anything over 3000' asl. From sea level to 3000' I would only use the B53 as it gave me a crisper throttle response and better mid to top end performance.

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