Hotcam tips needed

I have aquired a Hotcams Stage 2 cam and would like some more input on expected performance, reliability, installation etc. Some mentioned that there is a Hotcams rep here on TT? Could someone please direct me to this person.


Kiss the bottom end performance goodbye, and hold on tight when the RPMs get high.

michaeln, how bad is the loss on the lower end?

Is the grin factor much bigger at mid to high RPM compared to the stock cam?

If I am going to lose a significant amount of low end, regardless of other mods (headers, piston) than I don't think I will install it. It sounds like a good desert bike cam but not quite the best set up for a combination of woods, street, and supermoto.

I will likely put it back on ebay. Does it make sense to have it ground to profile similar to the Stage 1? Anyone with a Stage 1 considering a trade?

I'll be trying a stage 2 later this year (probably towards the end of this year), but I do like the stage 1 I've been using.

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