Should I buy this XR600R

This is a pic of a 1995 XR600R that I found near me that I am looking to get. Just wanted some input on the year and any problems that it may have.

If you look at the last pic the frame is bent to where the fender is crooked. I assume this is nothing more than bending that bracket back in place. The exhaust is also going to have to be replaced. I hope to hear some input from you guys.

The guy will take $600 for it. I don't know too much about the XR600R, I had several dirt bikes, but now I am going to the BRP hopefully.

I would say it's a good deal, I paid 600 for a 86 600R....... :)

600 kinda a magic # with the 600R's :)

The fender attaches directly to the subframe, so bending the "bracket" back would mean bending the frame. Apparently, the subframes on the 600s is notorious for breaking, but I haven't had a problem with mine. Knock on wood.

I just spent considerably more than $600 on my rebuild and I did all the labor. Even if the bike has some problems, the price is right.

I f you like it go for it the price os lower than right! The subframe, actually just part of the frame can be bent and the weld touched up. They are great bikes! I'm selling mine for alot more than that!!! Dont even ask to buy it, you dont want it...

Thanks for advice fankstr and minioutlaw. With the fender attached to the subframe does the fact that this is bent cause any handling issues or ride problems? Since this is bent do I need to check for cracks since the 600s are notorious for breaking?

You would have to hit something pretty hard to bend the subframe. right?

if the bike is a solid runner with no major issues, $600 is a steal

I think it is a great deal. I just got a 1985 for $1200. It was painted all black so I bought new plastic from mayer and I repainted the tank. I also have a problem with the CDI. It was fried so the timing wouldn't advance, resulting in a great loss of power. I also bought a stock muffler from ebay. The good part about mine is the engine just got rebuilt, the frame was repainted, the rear suspension was rebuilt, it has a $400 baja kit on it, and I got a free 500cc engine with it. I have also had some other small problems with it, but yours seems to be a great deal. Remember, used bikes will always have problems.

Buy It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Do It Now!!!!!!!!!!

Hope its in your garage already dude....!!

If you don't want it let me know asap!

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