New Tank Won't Fit

Someone please clue me in. I just got my new Clarke 4.3 Tank but I cannot get it on because my California model (xr650R) smog equipment is in the way. Anyone gone down this road please let me know. Is there a kit to be purchased or can I simply remove this EPA crap. :)


Remove the smog crap.... :)

Ditto to what frank said. It won't fit otherwise.

Word, but do I need to get a block off kit or can I simply rip it off there?

Block off kit...Xr's Only

That's what I thought. Anyone installed one of these yet? I have searched the internet and it seems this is a very difficult installation sometimes. :)

I think I used an IMS kit.

Ez to install, no worries. Ihad to remove the header.


Thanks Evil, but those pics are way to outdated for my machine. They may help for reference, but specifically, that bike is much different than mine and I am going to keep searching for a newer version.


Ooops, I just realized yer on an R, sorry bout that, those be L pics. Hope they may help a bit though.

You must remove the smog stuff to make the Clarke fit on CA bikes. The ThumperTalk store sells the smog block off kit at this link and you'll be supporting TT with a purchase through them. Also, TT has a 110% low price guarantee, so if you find a lower price, TT will take care of you :)

Very nice, thanks gads!!!

The smog block-off can be installed without removing anything, however it is tight. Small hands would be a benefit. A friend of mine could not fit his hand into that tight of a spot, so he just plugged off the ports (didn't want to remove anything). Also, keep an eye on your radiator hose clamps during installation of the tank. I had to loosen and rotate one to clear the tank.

Those allen bolts for the smog stuff on CA bikes can be a pain to get off if they're really tight and sometimes they are. I use a high quality allen bit like the kind that fits into the end of a screwdriver in those allen bolts. A 1/4" socket fits perfect over the bit and then I can use a rachet to get some leverage on it. This makes for a low enough profile setup that just barely clears the frame. A cheapo allen wrench may round off and or damage / cam out the allen head, so make sure you use a good tool to remove them if they're super tight.


thanks for the input. I am going to swing into the local dealer tomorrow and grab the kit. I will put all of your good information to work on Friday morning (day off). Will be back here if I have issues.

Thanks again.

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