05 WRF450 Fuel Screw Question

Hi all-

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've gotten lots of info from the forum, but now I need some advice.

Got an 05 WRF450 today, and it seems really lean off idle. I know it is brand new and all, but it won't idle without the choke (regardless of engine temp) and generally runs much better from closed to part throttle opening with the choke on. With the choke off, big flat spot, then bam. Seems super lean. I am at sea level, and it was about 65deg here today. It also pops and spits a lot during decel.

Will adjusting the 'fuel screw' help? If so, where is it and is it plugged/covered on 05 models? I bought it in Dubai, UAE and am riding it here in Saudi Arabia, so I don't know if it is US or international spec. It has the AIR system, so I'm assuming it is US spec. I have pretty extensive experience with street bikes, but haven't ridden a dirt bike since my '86 CR250. Are these things jetted pretty well out of the box?

Any helpful input appreciated.

To get the WR to run you need a JD jet kit and a better flowing exhaust. DO a search on the free mods. You'll be very pleasantly surprised at the results.

I realize that a JD kit might not be easy to get in the Saudia Arabia. The fuel screw needs to be opened up. I used a wood screw to pull the plug out of the carb body. The screw is underneath the plug. A hole is already drilled in the plug so its easy to get out. I use 1-1/4 turn out.

Lurk some more! Look for posts on AIS, Lowedog kit, 05 Mods, and Jetting on this forum. The info is all there for you to get the bike running right!

get a 04 adjustable needle from yamaha. $7 probly get them there in saudi. the plug is under the carb towards the front of the bike,from what i hear you can pry it out and there is a screw?

Thanks for the responses, and I'll order the JD jet kit and dive into the (un)happy world of carb jetting again. I've been spoiled by injected street bikes for too long, I guess.

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