05 Wr 450 Head Shake!

Have an 05 WR450 and just changed out my front tire to a Michelin M12. Great tire, but since the change I have noticed terrible head shake at speed? Has anyone else experienced the same or do I need to adjust my front forks? Thanks for any help.

My 03 yz450 did this when the bike was new, suspension wasn't broken in yet, less than 2 hours, and I had the forks all the way up to the second line. I tried this on my 04, but it turned to gnarly; it would pop-out to the inside of a rut too easily! I currently run my 04 at the first/top line. Most run the forks flush with the top of the triple.

Check that your steering head bearing is not loose.

Thanks Indy,

Will check that out tonight!

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