Zip-ty fuel Screw

Has anyone else experienced their zip-ty fuel screw vibrating loose? I have had to remove mine and put the stock one back in as it kept throwing my fuel mixture off when riding? :) the point where it fell out and I lost it. I bought another one (not a ZipTy) that I'm going to give a try this season.

I did read somewhere that you need to make sure they get seated all the way. Could have been what happened to me :)

Go with a larger pilot jet so the zip-ty screw is seated further in your carb.

May be a small drop of removable loctite on the threads will prevent the screw from coming loose. That's what I did and it seems ok.

try stretching the spring a little :)

i have a kouba link screw,just to make sure i put a small o-ring around the shaft and started threading it in then stuffed the 0-ring up into the hole. it gives just enough resistance :)

A carb tuning rule of thumb is...more than 2 turnsout, go to a bigger pilot; less than 1 turn, a smaller pilot. Guys that have run more than 2.5 turns out report the loss of the mixture screw....

my fuel screw cant be turned w/o pliers. BUT my fuel screw is also blocked from normal access because of the cam chain tensioner. I don't like the zip-ty fuel screw...

Thanks for all your suggestions guys.

I used the stock spring as well as the silver washer and black O ring washer?

I only had it 1.5 turns out but it was loose in the housing. the only time it feelt secure was when I screwed it all the way in.

Do you know if they have remodified the screw and i my have an older model?

I use the MSR fuel screw in both my bikes. They don't seem to fit as tight as the stock screw but I have never had a problem with them moving.

I am using a Storm. It has a "lip"on it with an extra O-ring. I was told it keep the screw from falling out. no problems yet, with my 05 wr450.

no prob w/zip ty screw for me :)

I've had the screw in 3 bikes and had the screw turned out 2 3/4 turn and it was not loose.

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