Am I going to be able to talk about my wr426 when I pick it up in April? It looks like I am going to have to buy a KTM (NOT)!! For all you dedicated wr owners, thanks for all the good info and tech tips.

Your right! I don't know about you but I eat, think , sleep YAMAHA Blue! WR RULES! I just love mine! It's the best bike I've ever owned.

I should get my WR426 in April, my dealer quoted $6300 out the door, how about you?

Does anyone know what all changes from '00 to '01 aside from larger displacement?


My dealer quoted $6200. The don't negotiate much. My dealer is expecting to get 2. I can't wait. I need more power. My 00 ttr250 was a bad investment on my part.

Why are you expecting the bikes in April - because they came out late last year? Yamaha's web site says they will be available in December. My dealer says they will get one in December, and eight more in January (according to his shipping schedule). I hope the dealer is right, as the first one is mine!

My dealer is getting a few in November, but those are all spoken for. His next order will be in in April.

I'm pretty excited about the WR, I've ridden a couple, but never owned one.

I asked to pick it up in April. I want to pay down the bike I have now so I can sell or trade in. I have a deposit on it, so I know I'm getting one. My dealer said they only have a couple of wr'r coming. He has a yz426 already. I also don't want to start riding my new ride in the middle of winter. I want it to be in one peice for when the riding gets better. I am still getting back into the groove of riding again, so I would rather trash a ttr250 than a wr 426. I crash a lot. The woods in NH can be rough. My short legs don't help either. I am sure I will crash my wr just as much, I guess I am just being a baby.

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My new WR 426 should be in at the first week of November. I left a deposit and am getting the only one before the new year. With everything included the cost came to $8200 (CAN). I cant wait to get it and cant even sleep at night! What do you recommend is the best way to break it in? Im only 17 and cant afford to screw this thing up!You guys have a great website here and I have learned alot about the WR. Keep it up!

I am not an expert at breaking in bikes, and there are many different opinions on it. Leave it stock for 100 miles or so. Leave the throttle stop in. When I break in a bike i run it for 15 min in the driveway, shut it off and let it cool. Then I take it out for an easy ride. I shut the bike of every 15 to 20 min and let it cool. After 25 miles I change oil and filter. You may see some shavings, it's normal so I'm told. I continue to run it easy. Avoid staying in 1 gear or at one rpm for any length of time. Don't wind it out for the firs 25 miles. Change the oil and filter at around 75 to 100 miles. If no filings appear in the filter at this time, you should be all set to run hard. If there are shavings, run easy for another 25 and do it again. People will tell you many ways to do it. I think my way is a little excessive but I'm not sure. I like to be cautious, they don't give them away. See what everyone else has to say and do what sounds best to you.

Mike: Ditto on the breaking in ritual. That's exactly how I pampered mine. I'd definitely buy a used bike from you. :)

If you run your brand new wr in your driveway for 15 minutes the only thing you are going to accomplish is a boilover! There are no fans to push air through the radiators.I would recomend that you ride it up and down the street at the very least.After changing the oil for the first time due like Matt Poritt and (Ride It Like You Stole It!) This is how I broke in my 99 and the thing is still run'in strong!

roost on, huge

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