Xr650r Plasctics

:) Can anyone help me, I'm after some black side panels for my xr650r



Let us know if you find some :) Quite a few of us would run some black plastics if they were available. You can use a black front fender from a xr400, other than that, you might try a can of Krylon Fusion. Good luck!

I'm looking for an inexpensive rear fender unit, I don't care what color. Anyone have an suggestions?

No offense, but I think black plastic looks like crap on a XR650R. White looks much better. Especiallly the white front fender. :)


There is no after market rear available that can stand up to an OEM buy the OEM from www.servicehonda.com for the best price. White is great if you have an 84 model :p:D:D:D:o;):D:):)

Sign me up for black plastic too! Surely someone will start making it soon.... :naughty:


Hey jackattack, I've got a used one 30 $ plus shipping and its yours....

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