TT sprocket shootout

You guys decide. Sidewinder Ti-Moly or Ironman? We all know that a quality sprocket on bikes like these are kind of a neccessity. I've narrowed it down to those 2 for me. I will go with whatever everyone has had the best luck with. Thanks! :)

I have had an Ironman front sprocket for about a year now. It's holding up great. For the rear I have been using Primary Drive and put it on at the sametime I put the Ironman on. The Primary Drive is showing some wear but for $15 from Rocky Mountain it still is a great sprocket. If Primary Drive had the 13T front I would have bought one.

You've left out the Baja proven Renthal brand my friend, take a look at them.

I tried Renthal on mine. Toasted in 300 miles. You gotta take location into account when buying "hardcore" products. Jonny is from New england just like me. Tons of clutch/torque action in these tight trails. Constantly on and off the gas, demanding alot from the drivetrain. Johnny I've been using the Moose Chomoly steel sprockets and a DID VM X-ring chain. The mooses held up well but I'm certain theres a better product out there. Personally I would stray from the sidewinder. I've heard some people say they're great and alot of people say they're overpriced junk. Majority rules. Everyone, has been happy when they switched to Ironman from what I've read and heard. Give them a try and post your findings down the road/trail.

i raced a baja 1000 with a new renthal--it lasted 1000 miles--and thats it.

my ironman sprockets have somewhere around 7500 + miles and they look almost brand new.

havent tried the Sidewinder.

Renthal 14 up front and a Sunstar steel 47 on the rear, I get about 3500 miles out of em.Just as good as I got from Sidewider stuff at a fraction of the cost.

What about the stock chain/sprockets on 650R, how do they compare pricewise and lifespan to the aftermarket stuff? My 00650R is about due for new chain/sprockets, I have been running the stock stuff for 4.5 yrs with countless trips to the local dez and about 1800 miles in Baja. Needless to say I am happy with their lifewear and would consider stock again.

I agree with XR/CRDave.

RK and Sunstar are very good products. Sprocket Specialists for 13" front sprocket works for me.

I've run Sunstar Stainless, the sidewinder and the Ironman. All are better than any other sprocket out there. The ironman is lighter, which is why I put it one-each three of my bikes.

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