hi , i am looking at buying a 1999 wr400. i have been riding xr's for years and am not very familiar w/ yamahas. what should i look for ? is there a problem i need to be aware of? if so what is it? any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

I only just recently aquired my 99wr400 ( ridden road missles for years ) and the damn thing never fails to scare me.Lethal is the only way to describe the bike.I've ridden some fast machines in my time at fast speeds and it doesn't come close to the feeling I get trying to push the WR to it's limits,it finds mine long before I find it's.

It handles like its on rails and has power to the ying yang.

From what I've been told mechanically wise,change the oil as regular as you change your jocks ( high revving means high wearing ) and watch the long distance road travelling,gearbox doesn't like it.

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