blew it up

yamaha is going to help out and pay most of the parts! thank you yamaha for stepping up and not trying to screw your customers!!!

Right on :naughty::naughty::D

Moach1, I work with a guy who's brother just bought a new 05 a couple of months ago, his waterpump seal went bad. Yamaha took care of it it all!! I hope all goes well with the repair.. Sucks... Whatever the problems is it shouldn't happen, I would hate the bike too.. But just give her once more chance.... :naughty:


As for as quality and expese the KTM and the Yams are very close with the KTM being the cheeper of the two. But after 2 years on the KTM 450exc im going to be racing the YZWR this year.

Not doubting your experience, but you must have been the lucky one that got the perfect KTM. Mostly everyone else says the Yam is actually the more reliable of the two, over a lot of bikes and over several years.

They all have their issues on the occasional bike. As for chronic problems: KTM had their fork seals for years, Yam had their flywheel key on the first 450's.

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