Oil: synthetic or mineral?

Last time I changed the oil I used a fully synthetic Castrol motorcycle oil. Now the clutch sometimes slips when I'm hard on the throttle and the clutch is partially enganged.

A person I talked to said that he wished he had a nickel for each time he had to tell people that these bikes should be kept on mineral oil alone. He is something of an old-time cross legend here in Norway (currently races a YZ426) but his advice goes against pretty much everything I thought was true about mineral vs. synthetic oil.

Does his advice make sense, or has he just banged his skull into a rock one time too many?

What do you people use?


David Reksten, Oslo, Norway

2000 Yamaha WR400F

1998 Aprilia RS250

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Hi , if it helps , I am using Putoline SYNTEC4+ and have done so since new. I have done nearly 2000km now , both on & off road and have no problem at all with clutch slip or anything else.


Hey David..... This subject has been discussed many times here, use the search feature and find them... also the archives.

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