94 xr600 wheel options

hi, i have a 94 xr600. i'd like to have two sets of wheels one for on road and one for offroad. aside from forking out almost as much $ for a brand new set of wheels as i paid for my bike, what other wheels will fit on this bike? ie: has any one used cr250 wheels? what have you done? thanks for the info. -joe

nothing? no one out there getting crafty with the spare parts?

thanks -joe

there was a front wheel on ebay for $19 check it out i think it was for a cr250 i got one on ebay for $5 no one else even bid and that came with the tire I think with a bearing change they will fit ,I guess for 5 bucks I'm willing to try. lol

ill post when the wheel gets delivered and let everyone know if its a go

I had a 95 front wheel on my 87 xr6, I'd bet almost any xr 1985 and new would work, (with bearing change of course), but there's also the alum tube that goes between the bearings that you need to if you go with 92 or older when they (xr600) had a smaller diameter front axle. David

thanks, keep the ideas coming!

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