radiator braces on 03 yz 450

I have an oversize tank installed, will works connection rad. braces still fit??

If not are there any that will?

My rads. are taking a beating, will the braces help or should I save the money & put towards a new rad. down the road?

Thanks in advance,

Slow but getting faster.

Forget the braces dude, i had the WC braces on my 426 on they were ok, but attach to the gas tank bolt holes. I had to bend them to make them fit with my IMS tank. On my 450 I have the Devols which attach straight to the frame and cover ten times the area of protection and brace at the same time. Seeing that the devols are like $10 more, i would go with them. :)

I run the WC braces on my stock tank and love them, After putting them on I have yet to bend my radiators(Yes I crash often! :) ) I did however drill and weld in a fitting for a temp guage directly on my radiators and had bought both the Devol and the Works connection braces. When I ran the Devol the water temp was an average of 10 degrees hotter, they were especially hotter at lower speeds. Since they require you to remove the white plastic fins, and they cover some of the surface area of the radiator. I removed them because cooler engines=more hp. Unfortunately, I have heard that the WC will not fit on oversize tanks. (I think I read this somewhere but dont know where)

Just my two cents!

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