Removed the GYTR insert

With my bike now completely reassembled - except for the new grips - I removed the "cork" from the GYTR silencer on my 02. I wrapped the spark arrestor with some packing and fired it up last weekend. I'm not sure if its legal (below 94 dB in Michigan) but it sure makes a difference! Although the tires and street were very cold, I was able to spin my new tire from a 2nd gear roll on dry pavement. It actually took me by surprise and I almost lost it! I had to look back to see if I had hit a patch of snow!

My neighbor said the bike sounds great when I'm cruisin' but its quite "noticeable" when I spin the throttle. He told me its not obnoxious, but definitely louder than last year.

As soon as old man winter decides to leave here and gives me a day above 50, I will take a noise meter home from work and see where it stands. I can't wait.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it started on the 2nd kick in 35 degree weather, after the carb was empty for 4 months??? I

I love this bike!!!! :):):p

You need to join Marcusmoberg in the online chat room. :) He is our resident forum drag race expert! :)


I'll report back after I race the short bus.


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