Lighting Coil for '01 426


I was looking to race a few enduros this summer but i need to have a light on my bike. I looked up lighting coils for my 2001 YZ426; Moose and a couple other companies offer them for $200. Is it possible to take the coil off of a WR and use it? I imagine that it wouldn't be too hard to find a coil off of a blown motor. Anybody ever try it?

Thanks for the help!


I got a wr stator if you want it $100.00 PM me thx

Im pretty sure your going to need the flywheel off the WR too, if you want to use that stator.

looks like it, according to yamaha's exploded view of both bikes, the flywheels are very different.

I am interested in the same mod for the same reason. Is the flywheel the only thing that will have to be changed out for the WR stator to be installed or is it alot more trouble than it is worth.

I put the Electrex Usa L38 stator in mine. I used that one because it uses the stock flywheel and saves a bit of coin. If you only want to run low wattage lighting, this is the cheapest way to go. If you want High Output lighting, they also offer a modified WR stator and flywheel that will fit right in the YZ, but it costs a fair bit more.

Where did you get that stator from and around how much did it run?

$222 and it's only low wattage? wow! :) Time to buy a few super bright LED's and make a battery that will last for 4 hours so i can run enduros and still afford gas and expendables. :)

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