XRL jetting suggestions

I've been trying to figure out which jets to get for my 02 XRL. I'm at 800-1400 ft above sea level usually. Would 55 pilot and 158 main work good?

I'm also planning on riding in Colorado and Moab this year, What jets should I get for the higher elevation. I'll be running a Foam filter, de-smogged, and most likely stock exhaust.

Right now I have the standard mods (the recipe)with 158 main 55 pilot - Pilot jet part no. is N424-26-55.

Main jet is 99101-393-158. You can get them from Sudco or Carbparts.

I live at 6800ft in Colorado and have driven my XR650L at 25-60 degrees

but things may change when it gets warmer so far so good but I don't needs much choke at start up ,I want to drill my seat at bit to let more air in when it gets warmer

but I am ready to go lower on the jets when it gets hot .I have the stock pipe too


I got a few jets from a Honda dealer today, hopefully these are the correct ones. I got the 55 pilot and a 157.5 and 160 main ( these were the only ones they had ). I ordered the UNI filter and sprockets yesterday and will probably get the Smog block pretty soon.

Here is a link to a pic of them. Do these look right?


It look like you have the correct ones from the pic that you gave.

It look like you have the correct ones from the pic that you gave.

Sweet! thats good to know. I'd hate to tear the carb off and have the wrong stuff. I looked on the 4-strokes.com website and they looked like the right design.


i just checked the jetting on mine,i picked the bike up last fall and i was interested if any jetting was done, it has a kn filter no snorkel white bros full exhaust and its a 94 so it didn't have the smog @#!# any way it had a tapered needle with adjustment grooves,160 main jet,50 pilot. i went to a 55 pilot and then drilled the two holes out in the slide to 5/32 and i tell you before these mods the bike would need a shot of starting fluid if you left it sit for more then 3 days, the bike was sitting for about a month before i did the mods and after the mods it fired right up cant wait to ride

do the mods tis well worth it :)

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