Quiet tip for Ti-4 Pro Circuit...

Was thinking about getting one of these to use at my house track while my infant boy is napping. Anyone used one ? Does it make big difference? Thanks

Well.. it should help, but Ive never heard a 426 yet that wont wake someone who is napping. :)

Dont waste your 39.00, The TI4 is a sickeningly loud pipe and the insert just increases the pitch. The spark arestor insert works better. Tones down the note a bit and doesnt create that iritating pitch.

Ive got 2 of the quiet inserts if you really want one 10.00 plus postage and its yours.

We run TI4s on our 250f and our SDG mini.



Thanks for the input. May try the spark insert or try to find a stock silencer cheap.

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