I have a Gravel and Sand Pit in operation a quarter of a mile away from my house! It's about 10,000 acres! It has several 400 acre ponds there! It has gravel roads, paved roads, sand dunes, quick sand and dirtrails! It's Awesome! I started riding there about 5 years ago. I got kicked out by the boss there! Then he said I could ride there to check out the place and make sure nobody comes there and steals stuff. Now the Gravel and Sand Pit has been taken over by a new boss and I can't ride there anymore but I still do on Saturdays and Sundays! I'll keep riding there until they call the cops!

HA HA :):)

One thing I've noticed from your posts, Marcus, is that you're fascinated with numbers. It always seems like you make it a point to give us specific MPH ("my uncle's cousin's sister has a Honda 400EX that does 88mph") or acreage ("my neighbor has 43 acres").

How is it that you have the ability to know all these numbers?

.........it's kinda like you're Rain Man.

I'll keep riding there until they call the cops!

HA HA :):)

Don't worry about them they will never catch you your way too fast :p

Your overzealous use of exclamation points is disconcerting!

.........it's kinda like you're Rain Man.

Rain Man, in a Barney Fife security guard kinda way .......

I would think that you just talking to the guy should make him call the cops!!

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