I shimmed I jetted I blocked smog, Thanks!

Got back late Sunday from an over 100-mile dual sport ride from Sonora, into the Sierra’s and back. We made it to Schdettgen Pass, Crandall Peak, and Sand Bar Flats. :)

The thanks go to all the people that have taken the time to post the smog block off and jetting articles.

If knuckle heads like me can call Baja Designs and order the smog kit and two jets and spend the better part of a Saturday and improve the pig that much, my helmets off to ya all.

The bike now runs much cooler and has lots more power, and looks so much better with the smog crap off. I just can’t wipe the smile off my face.

So to all that have taken the time to post, research, document, take pictures, and combine multiple posts on this subject, thanks. :p:D:)

This is the first bike I have ever owned and Sunday was only my fifth dirt ride of my life, ya I’m hooked.

And to any one like me who has an XR650L and thinks they couldn’t handle this project, think again. Read the articles look at the pictures then fix the pig, it really is worth it.

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