New Ultimate MX Hauler

About 2 weeks ago I got the new 2005 version of the Ultimate MX Hauler from the TT Store. The total with shipping and tax 'cuz I'm in Nevada was $355. This thing is worth every penny. It's a frickin' work of art!!! :) Not only is it beautifully built and powdercoated, but this evening I emailed the company about getting some more polyurethane strips for the center of the main platform as my skid plate is damaging the finish. They replied two hours later, after business hours, telling me it was in the mail free of charge. Talk about taking care of your customers. :) I know there are other jack-type carriers out there for a little less money, but these guys are hands-down the best in my learned opinion. If you're considering one of these types of haulers, don't look any further than the UMXH. And no, I don't work for the company. I just think that when you run across a product and company like these folks, they deserve this kind of free press :p ...SC

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