Steering Damper Suggestions for 05 WR450?

Anyone find a damper that works well on this model?

Scotts 2005 WR450 Loves rocks and sand!! Don't leave home without one... :)

I have the GPR on my 2005 WR 250F. It works great and they will give you free rebuilds with quick turnaround. :)

GPR V3 with the thumb controls... wish I would have ordered that one.

whats the best oil? whats the best tire? whats the best damper,your gonna get as many answers as there is dampers!! i run W.E.R. in some tight woods and love it,smooooth :)

Got a Scotts on my came off my 90YZ250. I love it!

I have the Scotts complete package. It works great, but I am planning on getting BRP's sub-mount because it places the damper under the bars so you can use a bar with a crossbar pad. I think that is very important for agressive riding. In a bad crash the Damper could go right through your sternum and kill you. There's also the GPR 2, which mounts under the bar as well.

undefinedRun Scott's have one on my 02 426 and 04 450 and love them !!!!!!!!! :):)

Call BRP and they'll set you up with a Scotts dampner. When I bought mine they did not have a sub bar mount set up for the WR but that may have changed. I've ridden with both the GPR and Scotts and I like the Scotts better, but both are nice.

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