Decompression Plug

Has anyone had there decompression plug pop out on there 05's, I was going to get one but it seems that there do not have one for the 05 and I was not sure if they are the same?

The '05 uses the same one as the earlier models. It's just a matter of the listing not being updated.

I don't know of anyone who has blown one in an '05, but there isn't any reason that it won't happen.

Its the same as the 03 and 04. Thats one of the first things I did on my 05.

Please forgive me, but what's a decompression plug?


If you have installed the 03 exhaust cam in your 00, 426 and removed the manual decomp arm/lever from the front of your cylinder head you should consider getting one. If you still have the manual decomp set up and plan to stay with it then it is not a concern for you.

I make the plugs for the TT store and have a website with more information and pictures if you or anyone else would like more info. I do not sell the plugs anymore, they are all sold through and in support of the TT store.


Thanks for the info, VG. I'm still stock, so I can ignore.

Part numbers and reasoning same for the 05 WR 450 I presume?


I haven't looked at an 05 WR yet but if you have the retention screw and the rubber plug in the cyl. head from the factory I would say "yes" the TT decomp plug will work.

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