can anybody help with stndard suspension

i wonder if anybody can help me i have a wr426 with standard rear spring(can't afford to replace yet)my weight is around 245lb's i can't seem to get the adjustment quite right.i ride mainly tight trails as thats all we can find to ride on here in the u.k.we don't have as much spare land as you guy's!!!! i would be very grateful for any comments

I know it's not much help since you already said you can't afford springs but I'm the same weight as you and I find the stock suspension on my 426 to be harsh and unforgiving no matter what settings I try. My problem is that I have other bikes with Race Tech suspensions and nothing else compares. Not even close. I need the extra big valves even more than "specified" spring rates.

Thanks for the advice paul i'd better start saving!!! I don't know if we get race tech suspension over here,i'll look in to it

many thanks

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