show me the money

Just wandering how much a yz-426f, Yz-450f costs!!! then I talking about just standard rate in the us and eu.

Any info wult be great :)

MSRP's are listed on Yamaha's site. Kelly's blue book will show used prices but they ask for a zip code in the US.

I paid $2,400 for my 2000 YZ426 about 6 months ago. The previous owner just put on Renthal Bars, Excel rim, Dr. D exhaust, replaced the bushings in the swingarm, put on new o-ring chain and Renthal sprokets, put a stiffer spring in rear and front forks for a 200 lb. rider, and a new clutch. He basically redid everything that needed to be done...and I got the benefit of it. I don't know if I was just lucky, but the owner was great. I've ridden with im a few times too, and he always makes sure the bike is taken care of.

I know it's not the newest or best bike out there, but it is reliable as can be. The only two things I had to do was clean the carb and replace the petcock.

If the bike needs a lot of work, then the price goes way down.

I paid 2700 for my 01 426 in september of last year. It was basically stock with less than 15hrs on it.

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