How many mots

Sup, I was just wandering how much u dudes spent on mot's on the XR

what's a mot?

I think he means mods. So far to date not counting the purchase of the machine I've spent $7,000 on my steed. Yup, I'm a nut but she's got every bell and whistle now. Plus I've got loads of spare parts. Something you need when you crash alot...

hehe yep it's mod sorry aboud that!!!!!

lol :)

Pro Tapers, carb boot, HRC tip, Edelbrock, heavy duty tubes and right footpeg fix from Kritter. About $650 in mods for a total of $5600 including buying the bike new.

I had about $1000 worth of aftermarket parts bought & paid for sitting in the garage when I brought home my new 2002 XR650R....I never even started the bike before we tore into her :)

Got another $500-$600 more since then.

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