Leaking coolant, but not from weep.

I've done a few searches about this and found a lot of references to coolant leaking from the weep hole at the bottom of the water pump housing. I'm seeing coolant pooling and dripping from where the Y-pipe tube from the radiators connects to the top of the water pump housing. There is just one bolt that holds this y-pipe in place and an o-ring between the y-pipe and the housing.

I was going to drain the fluid and replace the o-ring unless any of you have other suggestions. Should I use some RTV high temp sealant as well? Should I pull off the water pump housing and replace that seal too?

FYI: This is an '05 WR450F with all the free mods and 75 miles on the odometer.

Yes and you may want to put a new o-ring and some silicone sealant around that pipe fiting above the o-ring. :) Glad that the fix helped you out as well Wakin. :)

I had the same problem quick fix no biggie local napa or dealer will have the o-ring and you probably all ready have a tube of silicon around don't you :) it is an annoying leak but a simple one nice job in tracking it down just think how much they would have laughed at the dealer :D knowing what was wrong and charging you a minimum shop fee of course. :) no big deal glad to hear that is all it was. :p

CAREFULL....8mm bolt and very easy to strip,

snug then 1/4 turn has always been good with me and then during your preride and your checking over everything just ad that in to your check list.

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