Which yzf would suit me best???

Hi All,

I currently play ride and have done the odd HareandHound on twostroke 250s. I am 511 and 170pounds. This season I am looking for a really reliable do it all bike. I want to do loads of woods riding in the mud!!! A bit of mx practise and hareandhounds. Which yzf 400/426/250 would be better, looking for really easy to use power that wont tire me out and is good in the woods, wont stall as easy as a twostroke! Are the early yzfs relaible and is there a big difference in th 98400 than the 00426?? All help greatly appreciated!~

I think a WR426 would suit you best.

Its geared more for the riding you do and it may not tire you out like the yz.

01 02 yz426's have incredible reliability and you can find them relatively cheap.

There wont be much of a difference in price between a 400 and a 426.

The newer 450's have 4 gears and its pure race/motocross.

Plus the benefit of not having to replace the ring at least once a season, regular maintenance should keep your bike running great for a long time.

Oh yea, they're LOUD.

You would be asking for a YZ250F. It fits your conditions the best.

The 250F will be easier to ride, but you'll be missing the raw power...but who I am to talk really. I rarely get past 1/2 throttle on my bike...but when you want it...it's there.

See if you can find a nice used WR400/426/450.

If not I would look for a YZ250F

I'd go the bigger bore. You don't seem too serious about the racing, so I'd err on the side of reliability. You won't work a 400+ as hard as a 250, so should get more hassle free miles out of it. Well, that's my theory anyway.

I ride an 00 yz426 in the woods and I love it. It's a beast.

You sound allot like me I picked up a yz400 and love it. And the reliability so far has been great.

I think a WR426 would suit you best.

The newer 450's have 4 gears and its pure race/motocross.

The WR450 is NOT a 4 speed. The electric start is very cool, too.

Your bike choice is a matter of what kind of power you like, and how used you are to a heavier bike. Either YZF is going to be lighter, but they have smaller tanks and close ratio gearboxes. Plus, their suspension tend toward the taut side, as required for MX. The WR's are built for the woods, and while they carry a little more weight, it's mostly stuff that woods riders like. The WR426 is a nice bike, and can be had for less than a WR450, but they lack the e-start. Either of the big bikes are very powerful at low speed compared to the 250F, which likes to be revved more to get into its prime. The little one still has a far wider power curve than any two stroke with similar power.

Thanks All........Id say i will do as many grasstrack and hareandhounds as possible this year...which perhaps may not be too many and the odd mx practice. I love just going out woods riding and tearing it up in the fields. If you put a 260cc kit on the 250 does it do much to it powerwise and what can be done to give them more power??? They sound like a nice wheelie bike with very easy to use power. The wrs are really heavy...dont like carrying those bikes too much around the woods. lol!! They are very rare here in Ireland also....I could pick up an early 01-250f for 1700 from the uk on ebay the 400 also for that money. Any more suggestions???? Any years of 250/400 to stay away from??

Here is my 2 cents. I'd say off a 250 2 stroke you may want a little more grunt. I ride a 01 yz426 mostly in the Pennsylvania woods. I have little trouble with the weight. I set the gearing to 48/14, a tooth off the rear for woods. Drop the forks three millimeters, decrease the compression ~ 2 clicks. I haven't done anything to the flywheel, i'm using maxxis intermediates. I've never had a problem with the bike, and never even had to make a valve adjustment. Good luck with your decision.

Is the yz250f a good bike in comparison??? I hate the 125 two strokes, i really really hate them, the powers too short and theres no lowend. How does the 250f compare as a woods bike???

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