99WR400 could it be a 00

I wonder if some of you experts know something about the WR in 99-00. I know that in 00 Yamaha changed the WR in a couple of ways including giving them a red hot start button. My 99 has a red hot start button. I know the 99 did not come like this factory. Can anyone tell me if my bike might be a 00 spec even though it was sold as a 99? Thanks I cant figure this one out.

look at the 10th digit on the Vin#. If it's a "0" then it's a 2000. If it's an"x" it's a 1999

I have a 99 wr400 also with a hot start button could have been that last of the months in the year and they started to put on the 00 carb. Mine was rolled of the showroom floor and had it then. My tenth digit is an (X) on my title no worries just enjoy it and rip :)

Thanks its a X so it really is a 99, I was just checking. Trust me there are no worries, this bike rips it up no matter what year it is. That whole red hot start button threw me a little and thats the only reason I asked. Again thanks guys.

my bike is a 99 and has the red hotstart button...

Same here...99 and red hot start.

Same here...99 and red hot start.

In 00 they moved the HS button to the carb itself. In 99 it was hooked up to the head by a hose. Biggest change in 00 was to a different frame with the head tube moved 10mm further out and up I think. They also changed the upper triple clamp to compensate.

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