idle rough and popping

Well, I let my bike sit for a couple of months (we had a baby) and when I took it out last it was hard to start, had to restart after warm with the choke, and it was making a popping sound...

any ideas? :) I drained the old gas and put in a new plug



clogged pilot jet.

thanks! I'll give that a shot!

Frank :)

I had same problem from sitting for 6 months. Clean carb and replace all jets or you will be sorry. Don,t just try to clean jets as they are cheep enough to replace. The problem is moisture from the gas turning the jets green.

clogged pilot jet.

Precisely. Happened to me a few weeks ago. Rough and popping and then died completely. Knew exactly what it was immediately: clogged pilot.

However, in a different situation it took me nearly a hour to figure out that my float valve had gotten stuck up. I pulled the fuel line off and gas came out, so I assumed the bowl was getting gas... but no dice. It's happened once since as well.

If you see green on your jets it's probably a good idea to replace them.

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