wr400 checks

I'm in the market for a wr 400/426, and I figured it would be a good idea to ask some people who have been riding them what to check for. What are some good areas to check on a used wr to see what shape its in. Swingarm bearings, steering head, make sure it can't be turned all the way over by hand(compression up), frame cracks, and lift off ground and check tire free play. I found one, but its been ridden daily almost straight since 98. The steering head bearing is out on it. Well on all the honda's i ride by the time the steerin bearing goes out theres quite a few miles in the bike. And he hasn't touched the motor. Any other good items to check, bogs, missing?

With that much usage and him not touching the motor I would find another. Assuming that he did the oil change maintenance, but did not pop the lid and check valve clearance you could have some expensive repairs right aroundthe corner. These are durable engines, but do need the recommeded maintenance.

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