01 426 Fork Seal Leaking

My left seal is leaking a small amount of oil while riding. Obviously I need to replace the seal. But which one. The factory manual breaks it down pretty well but I am not sure which of the 3 seals that I actually need to replace or do I just replace all 3 of them since I have the fork apart. Also are does any one know where to find some simplified procedures for this. The Factory manual is hard to follow.

If it is leakin a little just take a film negative and slide it up and around where the seals are sometimes dirt get in the seal and allow it to leak. Try this first before you get it rebuilt. Also invest in some seal savers at http://www.sealsavers.com/abi002/webpage.cfm?WebPage_ID=1&DID=19

I use them and haven't blown a seal in three seasons

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