Lookin' for a YZF450 in Texas

I'm looking to buy a used YZ450 in Texas. I looked in the Thumpertalk classifieds and I personally like the old set up better as I could cruise through it easier to look for what I want. Anyway, nothing there and there is no where to post a "want to buy" ad. So if you guys have a lead on clean YZ450 for a decent price, let me know @ motofreaks@netscape.com



Have you tried <www.texasoffroad.net>? I haven't looked at their classified section recently, but they've always got lots of stuff...and it's Texas. Where are you?

HOUSTONMOTOCROSS.COM has an extremely large classified section. Though painful to navigate you should find a few 450's listed.

Good Luck! :)

I have looked at the TON classifieds and there are a few in there. I didn't know about Houstonmotocross.com. I live down in Corpus Christi but do most of our riding at Cycleranch.

Thanks for the tips...

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