Color Schemes

Looking for a good Color scheme for my bike..

I have a chance to re-do it this summer...

New paint on the frame, all new plastics goin for the wz look..

and some motor work


cylinder work

exhaust work

and some bling if time permits

was jsut wondering what a good color scheme would be..

I like black blue silver and of course chrome.. :)

hmmm... ohh well...

i was thinkin black frame black plastics w/ chrome accent pieces.. :) Just dont know what i want for graphics or if that would even look decent..

or all black plastics on a silver/gunmetal finish w/ some nice silver graphics.. and a little bling..

ok I can see the black plastic,graphics, and gunmetal finish......but no BLING repeat no BLING

maybe something shiny but........NO BLING:bonk:

no bling huh...

NO Bling :)

I am going for Black n Blue, then my bike matches my skin when I am done riding. I am keeping my blue frame, all black plastic, blue/white flame graphics, blue excels, and some other blue accessories. Right now I am part way thru and it doesnt look very cool. BigDavey is doing blue and white. White YZ plastics and stock graphics. His looks super cool right now. I thought black and silver would look super cool too, just like the Raiders, but I didnt want to have to repaint the frame. Good luck, let us know what you do. I will get some pics as I go if anyone is interested.

black_n_blue_thumper :

is that avatar of the Snake river?

I like the blue and black myself instead of plastic I did black backgrounds on my number plates and removed the stock seat and installed a Gut's tall seat also blue and black removed alot of the stock decals . I am sure what ever you choose will look nice. :)

is that avatar of the Snake river?

No, its the Yellowstone River. The longest undammed river in the continental U.S. That pic was taken about 3 miles directly south of my house. That is one of my favorite 'backups'. Good fishing and good swimming. We run lots of really shallow water but not much whitewater. My boat will run in just under 4 inches of flat water, its a buttsquezzer, but she'll do it. What part of Idaho are you in? Do you jetboat too? Now back to bikes so we dont make everyone else mad.

well i figure if my frame has some cracks in it... which im sure it does... then the paint will have to be stripped to weld it up anyhow and instead of touching it up... why not just re powder that thing and be done w/ it.. :)

I have no idea what i want for graphics but pretty settled on the gunmetal frame and some other parts painted to match and black plastics... :)

should look really cool. Good luck.

man if your gonna strip it down and weld up the cracks

get that sucker nickel chrome palted HAVE IT DIPPED MAN

go for the gusto....then what you need to do is go with the black plastics evertying

get a chrome gas cap,,, blue teardrop /flame grahics ......and the only bling y ou should have is a pair of those plastic bull testicles hanging from your rear fender!!!!

Thought about dipping the frame but holy crap that would be some mad MULAH.... I did think about dipping the swing arm though..

I am having trouble finding black yz tank, black wr shrouds, and black side panels.. i belive WR/YZ are the same.. also black fork covers if possible...

Or can you Paint say the all white ones to be black and call it even ?? just thinkin bout how to get all black plastics..

dont forget to bling it out with the bull testicles hanging from the rear fender!!!!!

shop around im not sure they are exactly the same as yz since the yz has a smaller tank then the wr ...... keep that in mind

When you get a black tank just get one for a YZ, most you dont have a choice you have to, then all you do is order a black yz plastic kit. Everything bolts right on, you do have to trim a little on the left side number plate. I am looking at a black tank from clarke, its one of the only black tanks I can find. You can find black fork guards on the net, I cant remember where but I saw them. I tried painting some plastic once, it didnt work so well. Good luck.

so clarke makes a black tank... sweet ill look them up... im wondering about the rad gaurds though i thought the wr ones were used w/ the yz tank for the bolt on the radiator support or is it the same... cuz if thats the case i could find a black yz kit..

after dorking around w/ photoshop i think im going to go w/ black on black...


I actually like this alot better than the gunmetal / chrome idea..

ok I can see the black plastic,graphics, and gunmetal finish......but no BLING repeat no BLING

What, no spinners for 18 or 21" wheels :naughty::naughty:

I'd do the black frame, all yellow plastics with retro graphics.

I'd do the black frame, all yellow plastics with retro graphics.

I love that look, but since I'm going with a desert tank, I think I'll go natural on the tank, then go with white plastics and the XGX flag graphics on the shrouds and tank.

If I can find a white fender to fit the stock WR taillight :naughty:

I'd love to do black, but I keep hearing that looks like crap after one ride, and I'll still have the blue frame and blue bezel around the headlight, so I think the white fenders and shrouds will work better.

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