'99 WR vs '99 YZ - Radiator differences

Anybody know what the differences are between the left side radiator on a '99 WR (PN 5BF-1240A-00-00) vs a '99 YZ (PN 5BE-1240A-00-00? I can't see any obvious differences on the microfiche. HLSM website shows a $80 difference between the two - of course, the WR is the more expensive one.


I believe the WR had a bigger radiator than the YZ in '99. In 2000, the YZ got the upgrade to the bigger radiator.

Can anyone verify this?

I do not think there are any differences. the last eight numerics of the two part numbers are the same. The prefix part numbers of 5BF and 5BE are I bleieve model designations ie WR vs YZ but the part is identical--this is my belief? Anyone know for sure????


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The '98-'99 WR rads have an extra core. The YZ426 rads had the same as the WR

but are a different fitting to the earlier models.

My '99 WR radiators are two pass cores ~ 1.25 inches thick face-face. Looks like each tube is ~ .75 inch thk

Can someone with a '99 YZ check their radiators to see if they match my WR?



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Brain can you make this weekend stonyford ?


Not going to be able to make it to Stonyford this weekend - we're moving in to our new house. That and I haven't fixed the bikes since Moab.

Mike - those dimensions are from the undamaged, right side radiator. I'd have to use a CMM to measure the curvature of the left side rad :) Is Howard's bike a '99?


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Ok, Ok, My brand new radiator on the non cap side (because I broke the old one) is 10 cooling rows wide they are on 1cm centers with an overal width of 11.5cm outside to outside. I didn't bother with the height figured they were the same. I seem to think I paid $211.00 for it from Yamie ha ha that was back in February. I have my old one, be happy to sell it to you cheap. It only leaks when you put fluid in it :D Does yours leak or is it just all bent up in the shape of a pretzel? If it doesn't leak put your shroud back on with some zip ties and LETS RIDE!!! You wouldn't let a little thing like a bent radiator stop you from catching some mud via Dunlop air mail oops... I meant throwing some mud... :D:)


My radiator is 11 tubes wide x 2 tubes deep & is ~ 12.5cm wide......

Can't remember - is your bike a '98 or '99?

I'll throw mud at you at Thanksgiving :)



If you can wait a little I think the 02'WR radiators come with airbags........ :)

Brian, I've got an old slow 99 with a fresh mud tire, I guess the extra row of cooling is worth the $80 bucks :D Your hope'in there will be mud to catch, oops... I meant to throw...Thanksgiving :)

Turkey,Cranberrys,stuffing,and some choclate Mud pie for desert :)

Mike, I heard the '02 KTMs are coming with training wheels for the inseam challenged. I guess the advantage of having short legs is that no one can accuse you of dabbing :)

I was kinda hoping that the '02 WR would have a crash bar around the radiators like the Honda Goldwings.



Are those dimensions pre-Moab or post-Moab? :)


I'll have to check that KTM out. Actually the bike I've been eyeing is a new model made by Fisher-Price...... :D . Standing flat-footed shouldn't be a problem. The only problem I can see is the all-plastic construction........ :) .

the 98 and 99 wr radiators are bigger than

98 and 99 yz´s 2000 the radiators are the same size but they do not fit on the older ones because the spoilers ,the colour and the inside black/white plasticguards are different .Tschüss from Germany

WR 99,black excel rims ,applied triple clamps ,öhlins shock,renthal bar and sprocket ,öhlins fork springs ,ims gas tank ,yz seat ,pirelli tyres ,acerbis plastic ,crd skid plate ,works connection frame protectors ,open air filter with stock needle ,MJ 172 AJ 48 spes motocross exhaust( loud );stock timing

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