94 600R Valve Adjustment

I searched all 12 of the pages for info on valve adjustment.

Is there a mag article or a FAQ on how-to that is specific to the 98 600r? If it is the same as adjusting the 650 XR I saw the mag article link posted by needsprayer I can use.


It would be the same as the XR650R except the XR600 has four separate rocker arms while the 650 has the twin forked ones. The only real trick is to get the engine just past TDC when the auto decomp is not activated, otherwise you'll end up with the wrong clearance on the RHS exhaust valve. Good luck!


Thank you Mark.

I am guessing that I can turn it precisely with a T handle on a socket. The best thing to do is remove the spark plug turn it slowly. If the auto decomp makes a click or a snap, I would go around again to the second complete revolution. I'll read that mag article and see if that firms up the process.

You'll know when you're at TDC. Remove the side case cover plugs so you can find the timing marks on the flywheel. Look for the "line" and the "T".

Remove the (seat & tank) plug, take off the rocker arm covers, and rotate the crank counter clockwise and watch the rocker arms. Not a hard process at all with the old RVFC motors. :)


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