electrex twins head light.

just wondering if anyone knows how much better then a standard head light it would be if better at all. or if anyone knows of a good aftermarket headlight. the stock one doesnt seem to have enough power at high speeds.

I have a set of UFO twins headlights 1 bulb is a 38* and the other is a 24* bulb one is a wide angle and the other a pencil straight beam I have not yet been able to outride my lights just scare the crap out of myself they are cheap lights and they are sold by Baja Designs and you can replace a bulb for about 9.00 at any bulb store in your town it is a M16 bulb in the store they will know what you mean. Great Light :)

is the ufo also a halegon light. was it a big improvment on the stock light.

Yes they are and they are available in different flood patterns very bright blows the factory light away and it depends on the way you ride and what light pattern you use the larger the degree of bulb the wider the lighted area the smaller the longer it shines find what works for you. They are cheap and they last a long time when you buy new lights they come with glass lens or without just make sure you get the ones with the lenses. I have been very pleased with this light system.

here are some ideas of what they offer out there on the web:


Im slowly in process of making my own lamp, actually a mask insert, twin halogens 35W, cheap, efficent

also consider making a low/highbeam (single or both), since 35 W single bulb glows brighter than stock non halogen bulb

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