DVP#6 or DTM?

00 WR400 with 172MJ,45PJ,no baffle ,no airbox lid,UNI airfilter,stock exhaust,0-1000ft.

DVP#4 did not work well,front wheel stays on ground. DVP#5 front wheel comes off the ground a little better than DRS#3.

Should I go to DVP#6 or DTM#4? Thanks guys!!

For your riding altitude I would suggest a 48PJ with the fuel screw set between 1.25 and 1.75 turns out, a DVP #5 and a minimum of a 172MJ.

If you want more snap and associated rear wheel spin (ie wheelie power) at the expense of linear controled response then try one of the E** needles James Dean and myself have been experimenting with.

Good Luck and keep us posted


I race Enduros and H/S in the east (NY/PA) so I'm trying to stay away from the wheelspin. I'm trying to clean up the jetting, keep WR timing and see if I can make it without a flywheel weight. I have no problems at the H/S its the big rockslide and mud hills in the Enduros I have to be carefull on.

Switching the pilotjet was a big improvement and it could go bigger. James was suggesting DVP then DTM so I wondered how far I should go before changing needles again. I think the needle part could use a

little improvement.

All you guys have been a great help making a good bike perfect!!!!!!!

Stay with the DVP#5. It is a very good combination for all around and keeping wheelspin in check. Work the pilot/pilot screw for close to idle and main jet for full throttle.


There is one place I race that is a Motocross track hooked to a grasstrack and I would rejet to race it.

Pilot jet48 and bigger on the MJ. The DVP is the way to go for Enduros, just isn't worth the YZ timing until I get to a higher level. These eastern woods can be brutal.

I have a 00 WR400 and was wondering if anyone has tried stroker racings recomendations which is a 50 pj and a 180 main. Sound too fat for me. Curious though.

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